The Sustainable Cashmere
that Benefits Everyone

Founded upon three principles – ‘eco-friendliness,’ ‘animal-friendliness’ and ‘co-prosperity with local producers,’ le cashmere is a sustainable fashion brand made with 100% naturally-shed top Mongolian pure cashmere by 3D-knitting, a zero-waste technology, and produced only in necessary quantities utilizing sales on the on-demand platform.

Sourcing Capacity
of Top Quality Natural Cashmere

le cashmere holds an exceptional material sourcing capacity in Mongolia, the country of the finest cashmere. Based on this strength, we create a sustainable business for mutual growth with local Mongolian local producers.
Direct Business with Local Producers
le cashmere executes direct business with 292 local families in Mongolia through planned purchases, which conduces to its unrivaled sourcing capacity.
Fence-Free Grazing
All le cashmere products are made from naturally-shed hair of 100% pasture-raised goats provided with high-quality grass only.
Circular Grazing for Grassland Protection
le cashmere cares foremost about our nature. From attentive pasture management of circular grazing over 10ha of land to forestation of 5,000+ trees, le cashmere prioritizes protecting the environment.

Zero-Waste Technology
for Efficient- Manufacturing
and Distribution

Zero waste means leaving no trace behind. le cashmere pursues innovative technologies to truly zero waste materials and inventory.
3D-Knitting Technology
le cashmere’s implementation of the whole garment technology allows products without seams. While other materials than cashmere are often used for these seams, le cashmere’s seamless cashmere is the genuine cashmere clothing.
Seamless Design
le cashmere designs a brand experience that takes the moment of touch very importantly – how clothes feel and fit when worn are spiritual sparkles. We’ve applied seamless technology to provide optimal wearing comfort for various body shapes and sizes.
On-demand Platform
le cashmere carries out a zero-waste technology by establishing a pre-order production system within its on-demand platform and a D2C distribution system.

Engineering Virtuous Fashion Circle
with Innovative Technologies

As part of our effort to implement innovative technologies, le cashmere has established a system for maximizing the fashion life cycle by developing a mobile application. This mobile app enables consumers to gain easy access to a sustainable fashion experience.
Use of Big Data
The circular fashion system is technically implemented and managed as big data. The value chain of sourcing, production, sales, usage, re-collection is systematically administered and analyzed through real-time data management.
On-demand Platform
le cashmere has established a system that enables on-demand production to delivery within a two-hour window.
Application Solution for Circular Fashion
While allowing transparent access to the product information, the application also provides an interactive fashion experience through functions that enable recording of the cumulative number of times the product has been worn and pertinent reward system.
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