Long-life Experience,

le cotton is 100% organic cotton products hand-crafted under a sustainable, small production system at local organic cotton factories in Vietnam. Diverse colors are attained through 100% natural dyeing technology in partnered work with ethnic minority women.

Green Cotton Collection Process
for Sustainable Nature

le cotton uses only 100% cotton that does not harm the balance of nature.
100% Organic
le cotton is harvested only through organic farming on land that has not used chemical fertilizer for more than three years.
Balanced Water Resource Management
le cotton builds and manages a virtuous cycle-system that does not cause an imbalance in surrounding water resources.

Shared Social Value
through Collaboration
with Diverse Social Groups

le cotton is made together with ethnic minority women in Vietnam.
Partnership with Ethnic Minority Women
le cotton provides technology education to ethinic minority women in Vietnam’s local communities, including Cao Bang and Hoa Binh, and collaborates with them to foster sustainable brands.
100% Natural Dyeing Technology
le cotton products are naturally dyed using only natural ingredients such as beetle resin, bark, and indigo plants.

Engineering Virtuous Fashion Circle
with Innovative Technology

As part of our effort to implement innovative technologies, le cotton has established a system for maximizing the fashion life cycle by developing a mobile application. This mobile app enables consumers to gain easy access to a sustainable fashion experience.
Use of Big Data
The circular fashion system is technically implemented and managed as big data. The value chain of sourcing/production/sales/usage/re-collection is systematically administered and analyzed through real-time data management.
Application Solution for Circular Fashion
While allowing transparent access to the product information, the application also provides an interactive fashion experience through functions that enable recording of the cumulative number of times the product has been worn and pertinent reward systems.
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