Long-life Experience,

le plastic directly collects waste plastics through partnerships with local communities. Re-creating values by developing upcycled bags and accessories from the collected waste plastics, le plastic is a sustainable brand and solution for accomplishing a true virtuous fashion cycle.

Direct Collection
of Washed and Classified
Waste Plastics

le plastic recreates products made from waste plastics directly collected through Sustainable Habits Alliance formed among local communities.
The Sustainable Habits Alliance
For durable procurement of various waste plastics, the critical material source for le plastic products, le plastic has established a systematic cleaning/classification/collection process in conjunction with local communities.
Plastic Makerspace
We operate a makerspace that allows prototyping experience of upcycled waste plastics products.

Application of
Less Plastic Design

le plastic wishes extended life of not only raw materials but also that of actual products.
Microplastic Minimization
To prevent microplastic generation during washing, all le plastic products are architectured to require minimal washing.
Module Design for Maximizing User Experience
The application of modular design on le plastic products maximizes user experience by diversifying its purpose through its detachability and recomposition.

Engineering Virtuous Fashion Circle
with Innovative Technology

As part of our effort to implement innovative technologies, le plastic has established a system for maximizing the fashion life cycle by developing a mobile application. This mobile app enables consumers to gain easy access to a sustainable fashion experience.
Use of Big Data
The circular fashion system is technically implemented and managed as big data. The value chain of sourcing/production/sales/usage/re-collection is systematically administered and analyzed through real-time data management.
Application Solution for Circular Fashion
While allowing transparent access to the product information, the application also provides an interactive fashion experience through functions that enable recording of the cumulative number of times the product has been worn and pertinent reward systems.
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