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Sustainable Habits is a lifestyle solution for empowering sustainable habits. A space interlacing food, clothing, shelter – the basic necessities of life with sustainability, Sustainable Habits is in and of itself a movement to advance solutions to maximize products’ lifecycle.

Zero Waste & Plastic Free

A Zero-Waste Platform
Sustainable Habits is a zero-waste space and community.
A Plastic Re-Collection Platform
Sustainable Habits community re-collects and recycles disposable take-out plastic cups through Sustainable HABITs Alliance.

Sustainable Habits Mobile Application

As part of our effort to implement innovative technologies, Sustainable Habits has established a system for maximizing the fashion life cycle by developing a mobile application. This mobile app enables consumers to gain easy access to a sustainable fashion experience.
Use of Big Data
The circular fashion system is technically implemented and managed as big data. The value chain of sourcing/production/sales/usage/re-collection is systematically administered and analyzed through real-time data management.
Application Solution for Circular Fashion
While allowing transparent access to the product information, the application also provides an interactive fashion experience through functions that enable recording of the cumulative number of times the product has been worn and pertinent reward system.
Assign a QR code for each brand/product, giving transparent access to the production information.
Provide an interactive system through functions that enable recording of the cumulative number of product use and reward systems.
Retrieve products worn over a certain frequency, re-produce, and re-provide as upcycled products.
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